The Martin Memorial Fountain of 1893 (1995/96)





The measured drawing study is a compulsory exercise in the third year of the BArch Degree course.  The student must choose a subject of interest to be ‘measured and drawn’.  This has been a long tradition at the Mackintosh School of Architecture and the category of work is annually celebrated with a national prize for best measured drawing.  However, this drawing was not entered for competition.


My choice of subject was the MacFarlane’s cast iron fountain canopy, which I chose to draw in axonometric format instead of conventional elevations.  I chose the example of the Martin Memorial Fountain a few years prior to its recent relocation, restoration and preservation as a working drinking fountain on the edge of the Glasgow Green Park – a few others also remain in the city.  They were exported worldwide in their heyday.


An essay on the background of the structure and its manufacturer, and on my strategy, etc. was contained in a sketchbook to accompany the finished drawing as part of my portfolio submission.  It contained all of the measurements, calculations and a scrapbook of part drafts in addition to the working collection of observational sketches and photos, which were all necessary to create the drawing.


Extracts, including the drawing, can be found here


The drawing was used on my CV and distributed speculatively during my ‘Part-1 Year Out’, and it worked!  The professor at the time requested a copy, which confirmed its success.  I plan to make it available as a large sized postcard shortly – using lithography to capture the fine detail.  The uploaded version is merely a preview and is not indicative of the actual quality of the original.


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